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They have nothing else to say…

Recently, Senator Tom Cotton stated that Trump should not be blamed for the violence that’s occurring in Democrat controlled cities because, the people inciting violence are most likely not Trump supporters and Democratic leadership is unwilling to work with Trump.

Cotton said, “This crime is rising and these riots are occurring in cities with Democratic mayors and states with Democratic governors who refuse to call out the National Guard if necessary and under liberal prosecutors who refuse to press charges against any of these criminals.”

Cotton also included saying that if Trump were to bypass everything and use the Insurrection Act, he would be called a “fascist president.”

It is basically a lose-lose situation. Democratic officials are refusing help from Trump, and the people living in the violent cities are blaming Trump for not doing anything to stop the violence. They really should be blaming their own officials.

Cotton ended saying, “It’s rich that they are blaming President Trump for this violence. I don’t think those were Trump supporters harassing Republicans leaving the White House last week, or harassing diners on the streets of Washington, D.C., or trying to set fire last night to the Portland mayor’s residential building.”

Read the whole article here.

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