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Liberals will say anything to get more votes for Biden.

Recently, Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin praised Democratic candidate Joe Biden and stated on Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” that Biden is going to be providing a “hopeful view of the future of America.”

He said, “I think what you will hear from Joe Biden is pretty obvious: A hopeful view of the future of America that we can build this country, our economy, and conquer this virus in a positive way and move forward. That’s what people look for in an election and a campaign. They want a promise to the future, and I think that is what Joe Biden is going to address tonight.”

He also added, “The first concern is the coronavirus. [Americans] realize that this president from the beginning has told them not to worry about a pandemic which has now taken over 170,000 American lives, that somehow this would mysteriously disappear at some point. He rejected the advice and counsel of the … medical experts. He even got us into a political contest in America about whether or not we should wear masks to protect ourselves and others. You know, this is not the … way to deal with a pandemic that is threatening so many lives in America.”

If he really believes Biden is going to be the person to lead American past the pandemic, he’ll be in shock if Biden actually becomes president. Trump has been doing his best to balance the economy and the pandemic, and there’s no way a mentally declining candidate will do better.

Read and watch a clip here.

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